In the Drive for Success the Only Way to Win is to Get Strategic!

Strategic Thinkers see how it all connects. They are able to access the deeper picture of the business and know what to put in place to make a leap.

They can see how 1 + 4 can make 9

If they move the pieces around... just so... 

What if you could break it down... piece by piece in a Guided Process that allows you to make fundamental changes to your thinking AND your business from Day One?

What if the potential overwhelm of all these questions just disappeared? Pouff! Gone!







And it was Replaced by A Map to Grow Your Business, steadily and at scale?

A map as easy to follow as 1 + 2 + 3 = 4 and ultimately yields 9?

1. Find Your Sweet Spot +

2. Uncover Your Brand +

3. Unlock Your Process

= 4. Objective Led Plan

Yes, there are a number of points along the journey. But there's plenty of signposts. 

And You will Recognise Them All.

We'll show you how they all fit and work together to create value. 

And that happens right from the very beginning.

- Praise for Get Strategic... -

Robin Chedgey

It has completely changed my way of thinking and will affect the way I carry out business.  I cannot imagine that there is anyone who could not learn something here.

Jannetje van Leeuwen

How Great Marketing Works is the single most important thing to bring the most value to my business right now.

D Graham

I'm delighted because I didn’t think the course would impact sales so early on… And I'm now I’m in a better position to give my customers what they want.

Robin Rice

THE best program, bar none, for building your business message - at $12 a month, it is truly a gift. Take it from me, this is MY business mentor.

If you are someone who likes to work through a methodical process to get you to where you want to go...

Then this was Built with YOU in mind!

Get Strategic... Get Results! is an online program like you haven't taken before. It's a Map, a Strategy, a Process, a Series of Actions and Training all rolled into one... And more... It will Help you Grow your Business.



This is How it Works

  • You'll start with Sweet Spot as a destination point. That point where there's a clear gap in the market place that resonates best with what you and your business wants to achieve. 
  • This lays the foundation for uncovering the truth of your brand. It's always easier when we work in truth. The marketing ultimately becomes easier because you never second guess your truth.

    Don't be fooled this is a process that uncovers the truth whether you are a solopreneur or an established business. Truth is required not matter who you are.
  • And then we come to process and how to unlock yours. A Marketing Process that is uniquely yours and fit for the customer you've chosen to target.
  • Each of these steps together together will yield an objective led plan that shows how everything fits and takes you exactly where you want to go.



Would You Like to be Able to...

Get your messaging so clear and concise that you can effectively reach the right customer at the right time and your conversion rates go through the roof?

Would you like to be part of a program...

...that is comprehensive, practical, lingo free, gets to the heart of the challenges you face and gives you the tools you need to grow the business you always wanted to have?

What if There Was One Place You Could Go...

Where you could find Everything you need to Create Your Business & Marketing Strategy, Devise Successful, Targeted Campaigns & Measure the Results so that you could Build on your Growth... There is!

This is the Place!

Get Strategic... Get Results! is an online program like you haven't taken before. It's a Map, a Strategy, a Process and Training all rolled into one... And more... It will Help you Grow your Business.


Why Not Take the Program Tour...

With 12 Modules, there's a lot of ground covered. So, feel free to check out the Program Tour for more information on our step by step approach, the lingo free style and the full curriculum for Get Strategic... Get Results! 

We Keep Each Lesson Bitesized so you can progress quickly through the course and see changes in your business right from the start.


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Great Marketing is a combination of Vision, Strategy, Process and Momentum. Lets Create it for your business!


Just $12 Per Month!

Nope, that's not a typo... It's all down to our belief that every business should have a real chance at success. And you need Great Marketing to do, just that.


Be Part of a Community of Like Minded Entrepreneurs...

Being with others on the same journey is a key ingredient for entrepreneurial success. We've an active Facebook Group with live videos, key insights shared and questions answered. You won't be alone here.


It Looks Great! Doesn't it? Would you like to be able to try it out a little first? No Problem!

We know you're in the right place so we're happy for you to try it out for free for 14 Days. In the FREE Trial, you'll get access to the first 2 Modules and the Facebook Group so you'll get a real sense of what the program is all about! Give it a Go!


Who Built This and Why?

Proven Marketer, Finola Howard has 25+ Years of experience growing and scaling thousands of businesses successfully.  She is passionate about Marketing that's done well and done right.

She believes that any business can do Great Marketing. They just have to know HOW. This is her way to share that expertise with the world.   In this Online Program; Finola shows you the methods she uses with her own clients every day with great results.

Can I Take it at my Own Pace?

The course is designed so that you can take it in small bitesized chunks. Each module has between 7 - 8 individual lessons which are delivered as short 7 - 10 minute videos. 

Think of it as your marketing companion that will be at your side at each stage in the growth of your business. So, Yes! You can take it at your own pace.

You can also opt for one to one mentoring support with one of our trained advisors whenever you need it.

So, Are You Ready to Make Your Marketing Great?

Because we're ready to help you make that happen...